COVID-19 Response

SCOUTING ON during a pandemic...

Despite South Africa's nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic 1st Kengray has kept the 8th part of the Scout Law - "A Scout smiles and whistles under all difficulties."

Holiding regular virtual scout meetings - including fun family quizzes and karaoke evenings, having a virtual scout camp, introducing special guests to present virtual talks and meeting for regular outdoor activities. 1st Kengray has carried on scouting under lockdown in accordance with Government and SCOUTS SA regulations.

We adhere to strict social distancing and infection control measures to ensure the safety of everyone in the 1st Kengray family.

SCOUTS South Africa's COVID-19 Information Site

COVID-19 Questionnaire

In keeping with National Guidelines please complete our screening questionnaire prior to attending an event. We will treat all responses with the upmost confidentiality - Scout's Honour.

Kengray's COVID Rules

Let's keep everyone SAFE and follow these rules...

1. Please complete the COVID-19 questionnaire above for every person who is going to attend the event (adults included). This is compulsory.

2. Please wear a MASK at ALL TIMES. Buffs are NOT permitted – they don’t protect anyone.

3. Physical contact between fellow scouts, scouters and family members is to be avoided at all times.

4. Please keep a distance of at least 1.5 to 2m between yourself and everyone else at all times.

5. Please don’t share anything you have touched with anyone else – this includes food and drinks.

6. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitiser often.

7. Please be respectful of everyone else and follow these rules at all times.