Jon's Springbok Expedition

Jonathan lead a patrol of scouts on the Num Num Hiking Trail in Mpumalanga as is Springbok Expedition. In addition to a grueling three day hike, the scouts also completed a 30km cycle at the end.

Photos of Chris' Springbok Scout presentation can be viewed here.

Kengray 100km Cycle Challenge

Covid-19 may have disrupted the world and had an impact on outdoor adventures for scouts, but it did not stop the 1st Kengray Scout Group when a group of boys, aged 14 to 17, and adult leaders completed a 100km cycle challenge in Muldersdrift on November 15. “While scouting continued throughout lockdown via remote online sessions, it was not quite the same adventure,” said Dylan Smith, 1st Kengray Troop scouter. “As spring neared, we challenged our scouts to take part in the Ride Joburg 94.7, one of the biggest cycling events in South Africa and an opportunity to experience the strength, community and ubuntu of the City of Gold.”

Unfortunately, the official event did not take place due to restrictions imposed on major sporting events. This did not hold back the adventurous cyclists as the event was re-imagined. Family and friends gathered in Muldersdrift to man waterpoints and support the teenagers along the gruelling 100km route. The boys trained for three months, meeting Sunday mornings in the picturesque Muldersdrift to clock up the kilometres. They completed a mini-challenge of 150km in 10 days to earn their custom-made cycling gear as a build-up to the event and some of the scouts met the requirements to be awarded a cycling badge, through the scout badge system that rewards accomplishment.

“Getting the scouts away from their screens, off the couch, out into the fresh air and discovering the power of their mind and muscles was a great way to build resilience and camaraderie among the group,” said Smith.

This is what a few of the scouts had to say about the sense of achievement and effort to work towards a tremendous goal:

Dennis Chung said he loved getting into the zone, pushing himself despite the aching legs. Jonathan Diessel said: “I thought it was going to be hard work, sweat and pain and it was, but it was also a good team-building exercise.” Luke Kojetin said he had a new respect for Tour De France cyclists and discovered bones in places he didn’t know existed. He said a big part of the challenge was having a positive mindset. Sabastion Cruz said: “I learnt that cycling isn’t that easy and that practice makes perfect, staying disciplined to practise daily tested me.”

First Kengray is located along Highland Road, Kensington, it is one of the oldest scouting groups in South Africa. Youth can experience the outdoors while ‘learning by doing’ and developing skills such as leadership, teamwork, self-motivation, perseverance, environmental and cultural awareness and strong values. The monthly fee is R200 and the group focuses on having fun in nature and honing problem-solving and communication skills and creating a better future for all.

Photos of the Kengray Cycle Challenge can be viewed here.

EMS Visit

A blog post by Luke Kojetin

Jonathan recently completed the safety awareness theme for his Springbok badge. For this he was required to host a discussion where he invited a guest speaker from one of the emergency services to talk to the troop. Atwik Stilwell is an advanced care paramedic for Langamed and talked to the scouts about his equipment and what he does on a day to day basis. One of the interesting facts Atwik shared was the cost to put a fully equipped ambulance on the road, a whopping R2 million.

Photos of this activity can be viewed here.

Chris' Springbok Presentation

Christopher Park completed the highest scouting award a youth member can achieve – The Springbok Scout. This award is the culmination of many year of hard work, dedication and commitment to the Scouting Law and Promise. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS go to Chris and his parents on this awesome achievement. Less than one precent of scouts achieve this honour and Chris can be very proud of his accomplishment.

Photos of Chris' Springbok Scout presentation can be viewed here.